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Sunghaksan Flame Grass

  • Location : 1-4 Dangni-dong, Saha-gu
  • Inquiry : +82-51-220-4524
  • Information : Height 496m
General Information

The legend goes that during the late Goryeo dynasty, Muhak Buddhist Priest was travelling all over the country to search for mountains and encountered this mountain and called it Seunghak Mountain (a flying crane). Silver grasses that roll along the wind boast great landscape is unrivaled.

Seunghak Mountain Silver Grass Climbing
  • Opening Period : October every year
  • Climbing Trail Information : Goejeong Elementary School (Start) – Sarigol Mineral Spring - Sunset Observatory Rest Area - Rock Observatory – Silver Grass Sunset Observatory - Rest Area (Eomgungdong forked road) - Arrive