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Loyal Yungongdan Altar

  • Location : 112 Yungongdan-ro, Saha-gu (Dadae-dong)
  • Inquiry : +82-51-220-4084
General Information

The Altar for Lord Yun (Local Cultural Property No. 9) was constructed by the Dadae Military Commander, Lee Hae-moon, in 1766 (the 41st year of the reign of King Yeongjo) in memory of Dadae Military Commander Yun Heung-sin and the loyal deaths of the soldiers and civilians who fought against the Japanese during Imjinwaeran (the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592). The altar is relocated to the current location (1234 Dadae-dong) when relocating Dadaepo Gaeksa (Guest House) to Molundae Cliff in 1970. Some patriot cultural assets nearby are Monument to the Loyalty of Jeong Un and Dadaepo Gaeksa (Guest House) and Dadaepo Hurisori as an intangible cultural asset.

Yun Heung-sin (1540- 1592)

Yun Heung-sin is the fifth son of Jwachansung Yun Im, a brother of Queen Janggyeong. His father and two older brothers were killed during 1545 literati purge and his family and wealth were confiscated. However, his public post twice in 1570 (the 3rd year of the reign of King Seonjo) and 1577(the 10th year of the reign of King Seonjo). He was appointed as Dadae Chomsa in 1591. He defeated Japanese soldiers who invaded and sieged a fortress on April 13, 1592. When a large troop of Japanese soldiers attacked the fortress again the next day, his subordinates insisted that he escape, but he said he will fight together.
He locked the fortress and died a glorious death with his subordinates while protecting the fortress. However, this heroic act was not revealed for a long time as it took place at the border of the peninsula. During the reign of King Yongjo, civil minister Jo Eom drafted a prospect history and requested it to be enshrined together at Chungnyeolsa Shrine. Kang Pil-ri, the Dongnae Magistrate, wrote Sajeolgi and requested the prospect history to be enshrined together through consultation with the Minister of Culture and Education in 1772 (the 48th year of the reign of King Yongjo). Religious services are performed every year at Chungnyeolsa Shrine and the Altar for Lord Yun (April 14 of the lunar calendar).

Cultural assets nearby
  • Monument to the Loyalty of Jeong Un
  • Dadaepo Gaeksa (Guest House)
  • Dadaepo Hurisori