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Dadaepo Hurisori

Dadaepo Hurisori was designated as Local Intangible Cultural Property No. 7 on July 1, 1987, and it is a fishing song sung to encourage anchovy fishing, alleviate exhaustion from work and cheer people up.
In Dadaepo, group solidarity, principles and cooperation were the emphasized values, just as in the military base of naval forces in Dadaepo.
Spring anchovies were usually caught from early March to late April and small anchovies were caught from May to June. Autumn anchovies were caught from around Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day on the 15th day of August of the lunar calendar) until November.

Anchovies in Dadaepo were incomparably big and delicious since Dadaepo was located at the mouth of the Nakdong River where there was lots of plankton, the main food source of anchovies. During the fishing season, experienced fishing experts went up to the observatory post around sunset, found the traces of anchovies according to the water movement, drove a school of anchovies by sailing a small boat, and struck a gong. The villagers then brought nets to the sea to catch them.

Dadaepo Hurisori was created during the cooperation. Hurisori means Sori (song) that many people sing together as they stretch a big fishing net called Huri-geumul and pull on both ends of the guide ropes.

Hurisori consists of 8 chapters from Dangsanje to the last song which prays for a big catch. Hurisori disappeared in the late 1950s when net fishing was prohibited because too many young fish were getting caught in the net. However, it was relatively easy to record Hurisori because people of that time were still alive. Senior citizens of this region started to gather from 1981 and recorded its lyrics and melody by reflecting on past days.

This restored song was performed and awarded in many contests: the Encouragement Award at the Busan Folk Custom Contest 1986, Excellence Award at the Busan Contest 1987, and Encouragement Award at the National Folk Custom Contest 1987.

The designation of Dadaepo Hurisori as Local Intangible Cultural Property No. 7 by Busan city in 1987 was achieved thanks to the efforts of about 70 residents of Dadaepo and academic research by Professor Gang, Yong-gwon at Dong-a University. 

The lyrics, tunes, and movement of Dadaepo Hurisori have been handed down to perfection by fishermen and thus, are highly worthy of preservation. The sound is generally made of four beats and features not only characteristics of local folk songs, but also a mixture of literature and music.

Status of Cultural Asset
Cultural Property NameStatusRemarks
Dadaepo Hurisori
  • A fishing song sung by fishermen while catching anchovies.
  • Busan City's Intangible Cultural Property No. 7 (Jul. 1, 1987)
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