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Saha Art Festival

  • Period : Oct. 21- Oct. 26, 2016
  • Venue : Eulsukdo Cultural Hall
  • Host/Supervision : Saha-gu, Busan
General Information

Saha Art Festival is a cultural event teamed up with local art groups, club members, and residents who love culture and art. The event is held in Eulsukdo Cultural Center in early October. Saha Art Festival is composed of various events, including chorus performance, outdoor performance, and hands-on experience events. The festival will make you sentimentalize over the deepening of autumn.

Event Details
  • Performance : Opening ceremony, chorus performance, outdoor performance, famers' musical performance, and youth pencil case performance
  • Exhibition : Pictures and poems, Saha old photos, works of local artists and residents, works of students of Saha Cultural Center
  • Experience : Humanities concert, eco-tour ship hands-on experience event, literary travel, outdoor puppetry hands-on experience booth, art market, etc.
  • Additional Event : Eulsukdo Ecological Park Walking event, social enterprise village market, etc.
Festival Photo
How to Come
  • By Car
    • Hadan Rotary → Nakdong River Bank → Eulsukdo Island
  • Subway
    • Get off at Hadan Station, and take exit No. 3. Transfer to busses → 58, 58-1, 58-2, 221
    • Eulsukdo Island Shuttle Bus → Exit at Eulsukdo Island Rest Stop (1st Section) (In front of the Namu Overpass)