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Molundae cliff

  • Location : 144 Dadae-dong, Saha-gu
  • Inquiry : +82-51-220-4524
General Information

Molundae Cliff (Busan City Monument No. 27), located at the end of Nakdong River is in the shape of a swan in flight when Molundae Cliff is seen from the beach.
The name Molundae was given as the island is invisible due to current influenced fog and clouds. There is an old saying that Nokdo Manho General Jong-un, the spearhead vanguard of general Admiral Yi, who died in front of the beach during Imjinwaeran had the same name 'un' and said, “I will be fighting fiercely against the Japanese and die here."
The monument to the Loyalty of Jeong Un is a guesthouse that is located in the Monument to the Loyalty of Jeong Un to enshrine the purity of Molundae and General Jeong Un.

Molundae Sunset Observatory

The Sunset Observatory located in the West Coast of the Molundae Amusement Park allows visitors to enjoy the peaceful glow of the sunset.
A deck road spanning 346m was established on Mar. 24, 2010.

Cultural property located in Molundae Cliff
  • Monument to the Loyalty of Jeong Un
    The Lord Jeong Un Monument was designated as Local Monument No. 20 on June 26, 1972 and located at Molundae, San-114 Dadae-dong.
  • Dadaepo Gaeksa (Guest House)
    Gaeksa is one of the official buildings belonging to the local government of the Chosun Dynasty. It was a sober place where the Suryeong (local governor) bowed in the direction of the royal palace on the first and fifteenth day of every month of the lunar calendar.