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Altar for Lord Yun

The Altar for Lord Yun was designated as Local Monument No.9 on June 26, 1972, and located at 1234, Dadae-dong (at the entrance of Dadae 1/”Il” Jugong Apartment).

The altar was constructed by the Dadae Military Commander, Lee Hae-moon, in 1766 (the 41st year of the reign of King Yeongjo) in memory of Dadae Military Commander Yun Heung-sin and the loyal deaths of the soldiers and civilians who fought against the Japanese during Imjinwaeran (the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592).

Dadae Military Commander, Yun Heung-sin, died while fighting against a strong Japanese army with his brother Heung-je and his army, made up of soldiers and civilians from the area. It is said that the Japanese army surrounded Dadaepojin on the first day, but Lord Yun drove them away with all of his strength.

Although he prepared for the next attack on the following day, an even fiercer attack by the Japanese killed all of them in the end.

Originally located on the present site of Dadae Elementary School, the Altar was moved to the present location of 1234, Dadae-dong on December 5, 1970. The phrase “Monument for the loyal death of Military Commander Lord Yun Heung-sin” is engraved on the front side of the monument and the achievements of Lord Yun are recorded on the back.

On either side of the stone monument, there are the title monuments of Lord Yun each named Yunheungjebi and Sunransaminbi. The ritual is performed by villagers on April 14 of the lunar calendar.

Status of Cultural Asset
Cultural Property Name Status Period
Altar for Lord Yun
  • 112 Yungongdan-ro (Dadae-dong)
  • Busan Local Cultural Property Monument No. 9 (Jun. 26, 1972)
  • A stone foundation and monument built in memory of Dadae Military Commander Yun Heung-sin who died during the Imjinwaeran (the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592).
  • Installed in 1765 (relocated and remodeled in 1970)
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