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Gwaneumsa Temple saddharma-pundari-ka-sūtra

The point of 『saddharma-pundari-ka-sūtra』 is to reveal the reason of the Buddha coming to this world and the original scriptures of Chontae that embraces the thoughts of the Lotus Sutra, and the Essential Sutra of Korean Buddhism are dubbed the Sutra of the Lotus and widely known as the Avatamska Sutra, the Diamond stura, and the most famous Buddhist scriptures.

『The Saddharma Pundarika Sutra』 located in Gwaneumsa Temple was translated by Gumarajipand commented by Gaehwan. It was then copied by master calligraphers Sung Dal-sang and Sung Sung-gae brothers in Chosun dynasty for the purpose of praying for the repose of their father's soul based on the edition of 『the Avatamska Sutra』. In 1405 (the 5th year of the reign of King Taejong), ascetic Sinmun reprinted the script that was engraved in wood in Ahnsimsa Temple in Dosol Mountain in Jeollado. However, it appeared to be not the first book but latter book. Of the total volume (7 volumes and 2 books), only 2 books from 4-7 volumes are preserved and overall, the books have the trace of flood due to humidity from top to bottom.

『The Saddharma Pundarika Sutra』 located in Gwaneumsa Temple is plated print during the king Taejong period, which is the former dynasty of Chosun and is an important cultural property with excellent Buddhist history and bibliographical value for Buddhism and bibliographic study during the former period of Chosun.

Status of Cultural Asset
Cultural Property Name Classification Details Location Date of Appointment
Gwaneumsa Temple saddharma-pundari-ka-sūtra Busan Metropolitan City
Cultural Property Material
No. 60
Recording Inheritance
(Block book)
79beon-gil, Jaeseok-ro, Saha-gu
(Dangni-dong) Gwaneumsa Temple
May 17, 2012