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Dadaepo Gaeksa (Guest House)

Gaeksa is one of the official buildings belonging to the local government of the Chosun Dynasty. It was a sober place where the Suryeong (local governor) bowed in the direction of the royal palace on the first and fifteenth day of every month of the lunar calendar, and it was also used as accommodation for envoys.

Besides Dadaepo Guest House, there were other guest houses in Busan during the Chosun Dynasty: Gongjingwan in Busanjin Castle, Yeongpadang in Jwasuyeong (nowadays called Suyeong), and Bongraegwan in Dongnae-bu which accommodated as many as 39 rooms.

Also, Jeonpae (a wooden panel which was substituted for the portrait of the king, to which people bowed) of all the successive kings in the Chosun Dynasty, were enshrined in the guest house named Daedonggwan.

At that time, when an envoy came from Japan, he first had to show respect to Jeonpae. All the guest houses mentioned above existed in Busan 90 years ago or until the Gap-o Reform of 1894, but Dadaepo Guest House is the only one that remains to this day.

What actually remain are only the roof and the lower part of the pillars. The wall had already been destroyed. he guest house, then called Hoewongwan, is not located in its original place, where Dadae Elementary School lies today, but it was restored to its original figure at the current Molundae in 1970.

Since the old days, regions facing the South Sea, including Dadaepo, had been frequently invaded by Japanese pirates. There was a military base of naval forces which served to protect against Japanese pirates. Dadaepo-yeong in the early Chosun was Manho-yeong, belonging to Busanpo Jeoljesa-yeong. At that time it was located at Jangnimpo. Later, it was moved to Dadaepo, and Dadaepo Manho-yeong was promoted to Jin, which is on the same level as Busanpo after the reign of Myeongjong. Due to its importance, military ships were stationed here in numbers twice that of other regions, after the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, and the Dadae Military Commander was promoted to the level of "Jeong 3-poom Official" which was on the same level as the Manpo-jin Military Commander up north.

It is not clear when this Dadaepo Guest House was established, but it turned into a tower-like figure standing on the top of the mountain without a wall when it was relocated to Molundae in 1970.

Status of Cultural Asset
Cultural Property Name Status Period
Dadaepo Gaeksa
(Guest House)
  • 144 Dadae-dong (Molundae)
  • Busan Local Cultural Property No. 3 (Jun. 22, 1972)
  • One of the local government buildings that used to bow to the direction of the palace.
  • The construction period is unknown (remodeled in 1825)
The Chosun Dynasty Period